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Clearview School of Arts and Culture is a comprehensive art school in the area of Scarborough and North York offering language, art and academic tutoring for both adults and children.


Our featured programs include Mandarin, Chinese calligraphy, drawing, clay sculpting, dance, singing, piano, gu zheng, and pipa lessons. Our experienced instructors and well-equipped art studios will make your learning experience a most enjoyable and valuable one.

Refine your artistic side & discover your hidden talents

Art Programs


in Chinese &

understand the culture

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Mandarin classes

Our Team:

Jane Pang:

Principal, Ontario Certified teacher and devoted mother.





Christine Parker:

B.A. in Studies of Child and Youth and a devoted mother of 3.




Sonia Zhao:

Experienced teacher with a B.A  in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.





Kurt Lin:

Calligrapher, clay sculptor and experienced teacher.






Jennifer Su:

First prize winner in NTD Television’s International Classical Chinese Dance Competition and experienced dance teacher.

David Jiang:

Master erhu performer with over 40 years’ teaching experience.





Angela Guo:

Pipa and gu zheng performer and experienced teacher.





John Zhu:

Music Academy graduate and piano teacher for over twenty years.





Jessie Chen:

B.A. in Music Education and experienced piano.






Zhifa Luo:

Martial arts and lion dance teacher, award winner in an international martial arts competition.

Located directly beside Wishing Well Woods, Clearview School consists of 8 professionally equipped studios and classrooms, facilitating the needs of all ages.


Our dance studio is furnished with a hard-wearing vinyl, providing a slip-resistant floor that gives dancers the confidence to perform demanding choreography.


Our music studio is equipped with a piano, guzheng and pipa, and provides a quiet environment for students to focus on their instrument.


Our art studios are a hub of creativity, displaying a variety of artworks created by teachers and students alike.


Other classrooms are all kept tidy and neat on a daily basis.

Our Facilities

Community Outreach

1. The Clearview School blog rates as number 1 in the education section of the most popular Chinese community website:


     • View the Clearview School blog ranking:

     • View the Clearview School blog:


2. Principal Jane Pang has given more than 50 presentations in the past three years on traditional Chinese culture and arts to a variety of audiences in Rotary clubs, private companies, private schools and other associations. Call to book a free presentation  647 898 1883


3. Clearview School students in classical Chinese dance participated in

various community talent shows.


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